Are You Scanning Yet?

Nothing increases profits faster than SCANNING…

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Nobody gets you SCANNING faster than
The Scan Group!

We know C-Store operations, we know you're busy,
and we're here to make it easy... with PRI*SCAN Back Office Software for C-Stores!

To schedule an on-line demo please call 888-304-4870.

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Why Scan?

Higher Profit Margins!
Scanning at the register means items sell for the price YOU set (not whatever your cashier rings in)!

Plus - with PRI*SCAN back office software you can easily set/change prices on groups of products, keep an eye on margins and schedule promotions.

Faster Customer Check-Out!
It is far faster and easier to pass products under a scanner than to key in the retail price ( especially if the cashier has to look it up first!)

Easier Cashier Training!
Turnover of personnel is an ongoing problem for many C-Stores - scanning at the register greatly reduces cashier-training time, and ensures immediate pricing accuracy.